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Our products

Industrial inkjet printers

Continuous Ink Jet – Inkjet Printer


Linx 8900 Inkjet Printer

Our most popular inkjet printer for the producing industry.

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Linx 10 Inkjet Printer

A small, flexible inkjet printer designed for one-shift production lines.

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Linx 7900 Spectrum

The inkjet printer provides reliable labeling with pigmented ink on surfaces such as plastic, cables, rubber and colored glass.

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Large character printing


ALE Nano inkjet printer

Compact inkjet printer with five inch display, ink system and print head integrated.

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ALE fullfärg_px400

ALE Full color series

Easy-to-use, reliable and innovative printers from the color range are the perfect solution for those who want to create colorful and powerful, high-quality packaging.

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ALE TC Series

Our TC series is the perfect solution for those who need to print on the side of your products!

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ALE TC-Twin- Inkjet printing

Two-color inkjet printing — ideal for warnings and symbols.

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ALE TZ & PR series

Our industrial inkjet printers with flexible print head.

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ALE Master+ Control Unit

Ideal for multiple line applications. This controller can run up to 8 print heads at once and is a really powerful yet easy to use device for all your production lines.

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Linx large character printer IJ355/IJ375

Linx large character printer IJ 355/375, the user-friendly and cost-effective inkjet printer for large printing.

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MarkOprint – X2 Control Unit

New X2 for controlling up to two print heads, in one or two production lines from the same control.

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Cartridge systems

Integra PP 108 Inkjet Printer

Do you experience vibrations in your production? We proudly present a truly unique and impact-resistant inkjet printer with a remarkable speed of up to 600 meters per minute!

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Integra One_300px

MarkOprint Integra Series

Thermal inkjet printers for IP65 rated system integrators for safe use in harsh production environments. Logimark AB is the sole distributor of this series in Scandinavia.

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MarkOprint Integra Ultimate

A particularly efficient inkjet printer with an innovative HP print head that is ideal for marking UV ink on smooth surfaces. Logimark AB is the sole distributor of this series in Scandinavia.

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Bulk System ZTV HP MK2

Automatic ink supply system with integrated intelligence, specially developed for the use of solvent-based ink. One of its kind on the market!

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MarkOprint IP-JET HP MK2

Inkjet printer with IP65 protection rating. Suitable application for food industries in a humid environment. Logimark AB is the sole distributor of this machine in Scandinavia.

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Handheld X1JET HP Printer

Perfect print quality – Completely maintenance-free! Our handheld X1JET HP inkjet printer is a versatile character created for most applications.

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MarkOprint – X2 Control Unit

New X2 for controlling up to two print heads, in one or two production lines from the same control.

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MarkOprint – X1 Jet

The small inkjet printer with the great characteristics.

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Laser machines

In-line product labeling


Linx Laser CSL 10/30/60

Brand new lasers on the market! Mark up to 2100 characters/second or 900m/min.

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Linx Laser FSL 20/50

Fiber lasers that deliver precision marking with an average life span of 100,000 hours.

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Linx Laser SL1

Linx Printing Technologies makes laser marking more accessible than ever with the launch of the new Linx SL1 laser.

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Marking / Engraving / Cutting


Trotec MOPA Laser

Mark (anodized) aluminum in black or recreate colors on stainless steel!

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Rayjet flatbed laser

The little laser with the great possibilities.

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Trotec Speedy 100 flatbed laser

The Trotec laser Speedy 100 flatbed laser is ideal for cutting and marking plastic.

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Trotec Speedy 300 flatbed laser

The Trotec laser Speedy 300 is the flatbed laser that can be equipped with single or dual laser sources.

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developed with productivity, flexibility and usability in mind

Trotec Speedy 360 flatbed laser

Developed with productivity, flexibility and usability in mind.

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Trotec Speedy 400 flatbed laser

The fastest laser machine on the market! Transparent design and perfect overview of the entire work area.

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Trotec Speedy 500 flatbed laser

High quality and perfectly matched components make the laser cutter a reliable partner.

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Trotec Speedy 1500 flatbed laser

The laser that can handle the most demanding jobs.

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Trotec Speedy 3000 flatbed laser

Trotec’s largest laser system SP3000

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Labeling machines

Apply preprinted label

Alpha Compact

Alpha Compact is the new base in our wide range of applicators.

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Bluhm Systeme - Alpah HSM

Label dispenser LM HSM

More powerful, higher speeds, simpler features: LM HSM offers you excellent performance.

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Tamper Evident_400px

Tamper Evident System

Pharmaceutical companies use tamper evident applicator from Logimark to seal their packaging boxes.

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Print & Apply

Labeling machine LM1100

Versatile labeling machine suitable for cylindrical products that work well in most environments thanks to its small size

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Labeling machine LM1300

For the labeling of round products. The machine’s spindle module works particularly well for full or 3/4 wrap-around labeling.

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Pallet marker 4050P

Weber LA4050-P label applicator for pallet marking. Double-sided marking of palletin motion.

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Pallet marker AP182

For marking and label application on up to three different sides using a flexible applicator arm.

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Labeling machine 4050E V3

A Print & Apply system that is built for continuous work, large volumes and demanding environment!

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Labeler 4050AC

High capacity labeler from Weber with loop function.

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LA 4050B series

Your production does not stop, nor do our LA 4050B systems! With different speeds and precise marking, the LA 4050B series matches your product needs, which ensures higher capacity and performance.

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Geset 141 400x400

System GESET 141

THE GESET 141 semi-automatic labeling system is used to label small cans, bottles, round objects, etc.

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System GESET 221

GESET 221 provides a simple and cost-effective solution with labeling that is accurate and flexible.

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Print & Apply system Legi-Air 2050

Printing and application systems for labels. Non-contact labeling on products of varying heights.

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Industrial desktop printers


Honeywell PX4ie & PX6ie

They are desktop printers for medium-sized volumes and can handle high speeds.

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Sato CL4NX

SATO’s industrial label printers designed for the most demanding printing applications.

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SATO WS4 Desktop Printer

A compact desktop label printer that adds high performance at a competitive price.

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LX500e Color Label Printer

The LX500e color label printer is the smallest label printer in the series and prints photo quality on labels in paper or plastic materials.

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LX910e Color Label Printer

A special cartridge solution combines versatility with simplicity, allowing users to print on a wider range of materials.

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LX2000e Color Label Printer

New LX2000e , the label printer from Primera that allows to print for 3 pennies per label.

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Label applicator AP360e

The perfect semi-automatic marking solution for cylindrical containers such as bottles, cans, pots and pipes.

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Label applicator AP550e

The applicator gives finished products a very professional look and significantly increases the number of containers that can be labeled per hour compared to manual applications.

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Label writers Zebra ZT400 series

The ZT400 printers are fast and reliable, with print widths, speeds and resolutions tailored to your needs!

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Feeder system

RF Compliance_300px

RF Compliance

With the ability to generate, print and verify 2D codes on a range of packaging formats, RF Compliance offers an easy-to-use serialization solution for pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers that must comply with the Counterfeiting Directive in pharmaceuticals.

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RF Auto

RF Auto is an operator-friendly cardboard and bag marking system for productions at the higher speeds. RF Auto can automatically adjust itself to accommodate varying thicknesses of the product, resulting in reduced adjustment time and loss.

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Rotech RF Lite Logimark_300px

RF Lite

RF Lite is a simple and ideal labeling system – for companies that want to automate their date marking process. It is also suitable for larger operators who want to install a marking system on several production lines.

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In-line printers


Linx TT3

This thermal transfer printer gives you the perfect labeling solution for flexible packaging materials.

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Linx TT5

Linx TT5, in-line printer prints directly on the packaging film/product packaging with 53 mm.

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Linx TT5 Wash down

Is in this version with IP65 enclosure, which makes it durable in even tough production environments.

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Linx TT10

Prints directly on the packaging film/product packaging with 107 mm printing width.

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Accessories for labeling


Table dispenser

In less than 30 seconds, only a simple adjustment is required for the length of the label, and then it is ready for use.

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TWIN-CAT_300px Omspolare_etiketter


Convert a larger roll into several small ones, for example when manually labeling.

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This reel has an adjustable core holder with both twist- and direction function that is fully controllable from the control panel.

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Counter – reel

This Reel-to-Reel desktop machine is a stand-alone unit that uses a preset counter. Complete with an inkjet printhead to mark labels with additional information.

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Ribbon Standard

Suitable for most applications and also all types of label printers and packaging materials.

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Ribbon Special

For more demanding productions, we also have special ribbons that can withstand gasoline and other liquids that are difficult for standard bands to handle.

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Products for system solutions

Fixed barcode scanners

For fixed installation at production lines, in machinery or on vehicles.

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Mobile Computers

Handheld computers for warehouses, transport and industry. We sell and support handheld computers from Datalogic, Honeywell and others.

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Handheld barcode scanners

Barcode reader for office, warehouse, pharma or industry.

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Smart cameras

Smart cameras can do more than just read barcodes.

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RFID reader

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is an Auto-ID technology that reads and writes information to tags via radio waves.

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Truck computers

Supports multiple Windows-based operating systems to facilitate integration and application development.

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Panel PC

Panel PC is available in a wide range of screen sizes and configurations…

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LogiPost – an addressing solution software with printing and stacking management

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The program for printing labels, barcodes, RFID and cards.

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Clarisoft & Clarinet

For those who want the same design tool for both label and inkjet printers.

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