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Labeling technology – Wipe-on VS. Tamp-blow

Labeling technology – Wipe-on VS. Tamp-blow

Etikettdispensern LM HSM - Wipe-On etikettapplicering

Legi-Air 6000 - Tamp-blow etikettapplicering

Efficient labelling in manufacturing and logistics processes is a must in today’s industry. You can choose between label dispenser and application system to apply almost all types of variable labels to all products and packaging. They can be installed in several stages of the production line where surfaces and environments pose different challenges. To achieve perfect labelling results for your applications, our labelling systems have innovative technologies. Let’s take a closer look at the variants that exist.

Did you know that our machines can apply labels without touching the products? Read on to compare the ‘tamp-blow’ method with the ‘wipe-on’ method and see which one is best for your production!

Tamp-blow label application

Tamp applicators are the most widely used version of our label dispensers. The Tamp-blow method is a contactless marking technique where a vacuum is created in the tampon. It sucks and holds the printed label (with the adhesive side down) under the tamp pillow until it is ready to be applied to the product.

As soon as the product is ready to be noticed, the tamp is moved down. The vacuum in the tamp is turned off and instead an overpressure is created. The overpressure “pushes” the label in the exact position of the product without touching the tamp. If the surface of the product and the adhesive of the label are correctly matched, no additional action (such as pressing) is required for the label to be securely attached.

You can watch the tamp-blow process in the following slow motion video:

Advantages of tamp-blow from Logimark:

  • The printing and application of labels need not be synchronized with the movements of the products in the line. The label “waits” until the start of the marking process.
  • Due to the fact that the label blows off quickly, it is possible to notice fast lines without problems.
  • With a rotating tamp, the label can be rotated to the desired position before it is blown off.
  • It is possible to label products with different heights because the tampon compensates for the distance.

Wipe-on label application

The wipe-on method applies the label directly to the product. The label can be labeled during the process (while applied).

The speed of marking and application must be synchronized to avoid wrinkled labels. The product must not move faster than the marking speed. If the product stops, the printer must be temporarily paused.

Since a roller or brush can be added to the dispenser to press the label on the product, wipe-on application is particularly suitable for bubble-free marking on difficult surfaces. In addition, operating costs for compressed air can be saved.