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Plant health legislation is being tightened – New labels are noticeable on plants!

Plant health legislation is being tightened – New labels are noticeable on plants!

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In order to prevent the introduction and spread of pests, the European Commission has revised plant health legislation, which has been in place since 1977. The new regulation (EU 2016/2031) provides for a better harmonised plant passport system for the movement of plant products within the Union’s borders. It is checked that the plants are free of quarantine organisms. If this is the case, you will be assigned a plant passport. If the material is rejected, the product cannot be distributed.

From 14 December 2019, all planting plants must be labelled with an official label, known as a plant passport, containing the necessary information and ensuring traceability. Is your company affected by the EU regulation? Do not hesitate to contact us if you have problems finding the right marking system or industrial inkjet printer!

What information must be included in the EU plant passport?

In accordance with the Regulation, the following information is required on the plant passport label:

  1. The word ‘plant passport’ in the upper right corner, in one of the official languages of the Union, followed by a slash and the English translation.
  2. the EU flag in the upper left corner (coloured or in black and white).
  3. the letter ‘A’ followed by the botanical name or designations concerned;
  4. the letter ‘B’ followed by the two-letter country code for the Member State and the operator’s registration number;
  5. the letter ‘C’ followed by the traceability mark of the plant, plant product or other object concerned; This can be supplemented by a readable code (e.g. barcode, data matrix or chip).
  6. The letter “D” followed by the country code of the country of origin.

Additional requirements for the EU plant passport:

  • Must be attached directly to the commercial device (e.g. pot container, bundle, package)
  • Must be fully visible, clear and legible marking
  • Must be immutable and sustainable
  • Must be separate from other information on the same device
  • The information must be marked in a rectangular or square text area

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