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Safe labelling for food and pharmaceutical industries!

Safe labelling for food and pharmaceutical industries!

GMP certified ink and IP65 print head

After extensive testing, the Markoprint 2580 ink for inkjet printers has been successfully certified for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). The ink also meets many of the US and EU requirements and guidelines such as:

  • EU Regulation 1935/32004
  • EU Regulation 2032/2006
  • EU Regulation No 10/2011
  • Swiss Ordinance 817.023.21 and Nestlé Guideline 2016
  • US FDA 21 CFR is paired. 170-199.

Safe labelling for food and pharmaceutical industries!

The solvent-based ink 2580 is suitable for marking texts, barcodes and data matrix codes on many difficult materials commonly used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Manufacturers can be assured that no chemical substances pollute the internal products and that the ink has not come into direct contact with the product when it has been completely dried in advance. This is especially interesting for products like salladdress bags that come with packed salads that ‘best before’ date is marked on.

IP65 classification despite dust and water in production environments

Our IP65 rated inkjet printers are specifically designed for demanding industries. They are ideal for use in harsh production environments with a lot of dust and moisture.

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Our IP-JET HP is a space-saving inkjet printer that combines the print head and control unit of a system. A seal in the area of the cartridge and the use of compressed air prevent water and dust from entering. Unlike many other available systems on the market, the print head is well protected and does not need to be covered or disassembled for wet cleaning. This inkjet printer applies texts, logos, barcodes and data matrix codes up to 12.5 mm in height and with up to 600 dpi in resolution.

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Integra One ip inkjet printer with its compact design has been developed specifically for system integrators. Settings or variable fields can be edited directly on the device’s integrated screen. An excellent marking resolution of up to 900 dpi is possible. Depending on the configuration, a marking speed up to 180 meters per minute can be achieved! Connection options for alarm lighting as well as USB and RS232 interfaces are provided. This printer is also Wi-Fi capable (optional).

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Logimarks Integra Ultimate print head notices in brilliant quality up to 25mm. The patented print head closes automatically in case of downtime and cleans the nozzle plate every time it is opened and closed. As a result, it is immediately ready for use after a break. In closed or hard-to-reach systems, the cartridges can thus remain in the print head even during longer production stops and do not need to be removed. With Logimark’s 2580 ink, Integra Ultimate can be left “open” for over 72 hours instead of just 15 minutes! By the way, integra Ultimate is also suitable for UV ink. This makes it possible to print on almost any flat surface.

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