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Summer tips! Maintain your marking equipment during longer downtime

Summer tips! Maintain your marking equipment during longer downtime

Corona has pressed the pause button on many things – from social events to production lines. Some manufacturing companies have had to shut down entire systems temporarily. Apart from pandemics, there are other reasons for regular production interruptions – such as seasonal closures, public holidays and planned downtimes.

Long downtime can lead to machine problems and have a bad habit of showing up when it’s time to go back to full operation again. There are a few simple maintenance tips that you should follow for a smooth reboot!

Returning label printers and systems to full force

Our table label printers and Print & Apply systems are relatively straightforward when it comes to stopping and rebooting. A quick inspection and cleaning, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, should be sufficient. Use longer breaks for preventive maintenance and replace wear parts if necessary!

Think of your labels!

It is also important to inventory and clean the label layer before there are long periods where the material is not used. Labels are a perishable product that ages and can degrade print quality. In addition, it may be more difficult for the labels to detach from the carrying paper. So make sure you have fresh labels at home that you can use when the season kicks off again – and of course you can buy that from us at

Drop-on-demand inkjet printer from Markoprint

To ensure that the ink does not dry out of your inkjet printer, a few simple steps are recommended that apply especially to downtime that lasts longer than three days.

The user manuals describe how to take the devices out of service. This includes, for example, covering the nose plate (nozzel) from the print heads or picking out the cartridge and covering with a CartClip.

Tips to avoid these steps!

Markoprint’s Integra Ultimate HP,
we have developed a particularly robust solution within our thermal inkjet range. The print head closes automatically when it is idling and automatically cleans the nozzle plate each time it closes and opens. This benefits both companies with longer downtime and wet or dusty environments.